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We are an education consulting organization that uses research, technology and networking to transform education in Africa. As such, we offer consultancy and training services to school leaders and educators. We guide schools to make the right choice of technology and ensure sustainable integration.

With our FAD Model, we guide schools to move from a traditional and one-size-fits-all system to a learning system that is truly self-paced, personalized and self-driven with the capacity to ensure that no child is left behind. We use design thinking to engage educators to build a system that works.

With our PALM-A Model (Project-based, Authentic, Lifelong, Mobile and Agile) and approach to learning, we transform k-12 learning environments into breeding centres for innovators and problem solvers for the 4th Industrial revolution as educators are trained and guided to design learning experiences that lead to a product, service, discovery or solution.

Every revolution comes with its definition of education and the fourth industrial revolution has redefined a true education system as one that inspire learners to unlock inherent potentials and innovations.


Here is what some of our partners and clients have to say about us

If you’re looking for a proactive, innovative and authentic approach to empowering learners, look no further. Eazy-digi looks for solutions, not problems and now goes even further… they empower those who empower others so they in turn can empower us. This team is a dynamic combination of research, networking and collaboration that definitely is pointing the direction education in Africa should be taking. I can emphatically state that I am happy to have crossed paths with and been in the presence of such humble greatness.

Theresa Meyers – Educator and Learning Specialist(Dubai)

Our school’s partnership with Eazy-digi has brought in quantum leaps in our lesson planning, lesson delivery, upskilling in various edtech tools and infusion of global best practices in our system. The weekly training and support system for the teachers is amazing and the growth we record on daily basis makes our school a choice place for teachers. Learning for our students has become more collaborative yet independent. We run more of differentiated, research and project based learning which is daily building our students Intelligence level and improving our school’s brand. Partnership with Eazy-digi gives relief and assurance to management that learning outcome will sky rocket and the brand will remain strong.

Temitope Adebimpe – Director Of Studies, Pearls Garden School (Nigeria)

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