The 21st Century School…..

Think about having your learners discussing in groups about recent problems they have discovered in their society and how to provide practical solutions.
Do you think they can’t ? You will be shocked to see what they can do in that kind of atmosphere. This sounds like Inquiry-Based learning, but it’s beyond that.
Check out the following classroom settings.

What do you see in the classrooms ?

– Collaboration ?

– Communication ?

– Critical thinking ?

– Creativity ?

Apparently, all of the above.
🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔As I look deeply at the situation of things in our education community over the years, I see that the purpose of education in so many places is not ideal and it looks like so many schools are not raising global citizens and are also not interested in the future of their learners. 


Why do we have schools today ?
One thing we have discovered from our research team is the fact that in the developed countries, their education system is focused on sustaining and boosting their economy, so they are only interested in raising Innovators and problem solvers.

A 21st century school should be focused on the impartation of the 21st century skills popularly called the 4Cs [ Collaboration, Communication, Critical thinking and Creativity].These skills are highly needed in our world today and every learning experience should involve the impartation of these skills to the learners.This involves all category of learners.We must catch them young by creating a learning environment that is focused on the 4Cs.
At Eazy-Digi Edtech Solutions, our passion is to see every school become a breeding centre for global citizens and problem solvers through the impartation of the 21st Century Skills and also exposing them to globally adopted educational technology. 

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