PBL Festival

Welcome to Eazy-Digi, a research and training based organization on educational technology and 21st Century learning systems. We host a MONTHLY VIRTUAL EDUCATORS’ CONFERENCE aimed at providing a networked learning opportunity for every educator in our network across the global village as we consider pressing issues in the education landscape with respect to innovative learning.

This month, our focus is Project Based Learning. In this revolution, PBL is an approach to learning that fosters authentic learning as learners are engaged with not just paper works but real life problems that creates an atmosphere for them to build relevant skills that will help them thrive in their own future. There is a necessity to shift to learning experiences that really equips for the VUCA world (Volatile Uncertain Complex & Ambiguous) and Project Based learning is an approach that makes this happen.


This promises to be inspirational, transformational and highly disruptive!!!!

Please register below :

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Using research, technology and networking to transform education in Africa.

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