This is an interview series with creative and innovative k-12 learners across the global village.

Today, we know that the “school for grade” system is not capable of producing learners who will thrive in the present and their own future and so there is a school shift towards authentic and innovative learning across the global village where learners are inspired and empowered to bring forth products, discoveries and innovations as the evidence of their learning experience beyond just “grades”

There is an emergence of “teen-preneurs” and “teen-novators”, young people who are finding expression for their potentials to add value to their immediate community and the world at large. Now we see k-12 learners who are affecting their communities positively and this is the new school order. This is how the change we desire begins to happen in our continent and across the global village as education is focused on skill acquisitions, creation and innovation.

At Eazy-Digi, we believe the voice of learners should be heard across the globe beyond their school community as this places more value on their learning experience. This is more authentic and rewarding that just “grades”. This is open to k-12 learners across the global village

Meet Dewonu, a year 12 learner from Pearls Garden School in Nigeria, she was our first guest.

If you would like to become our next guest, please fill the form below and we will reach out to you.

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Using research, technology and networking to transform education in Africa.

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