K-12 And The New Nigeria

Every Nigerian is eagerly looking forward to a new and better nation, we are all not happy with the Status Quo!!!!!!

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However, where we are today is a product of something and that is the “K-12 System Of Education” and I will take some time to prove it. Last Year, I had an interview with some year 11 students from Botswana who were asked to look for problems in their community and provide solutions. One of the groups found out that there was an acidified river that was serving a community which was a threat to good health, so they built a Water Purifying machine that practically solved that problem. This is a generation of young people who have been inspired to see education as an empowerment platform to affect their society and economy.

Every revolution comes with it’s definition of education and in the 4th industrial revolution, education is a platform for equipping young people to affect their society and economy real time.

Adebayo Alomaja

Talking about Nigeria, this is a Nation where our voice and choice as citizens doesn’t count, it’s like a bondage in disguise and the force of democracy is weak. The problem now is that today, many K-12 Classrooms look like this status quo, where the “Voice and choice of kids are not honored”, there is no room for expression beyond the core academic work, no opportunity for Authentic learning and the reward of learning is numbers and letters (Called Grades). Furthermore, kids are not free to learn anywhere in a world where this should be the reality, they are rather confined to a time table and their pace of learning doesn’t matter and before you know it an exam is here. It’s not a system for all just like Nigeria is not a nation for all. This system has produced our current set of leaders, so most of them have no value for our voice and choice.

The current K-12 produced our current leaders, we need a new K-12 to produce a new set of leaders where the purpose of education is to improve the society and economy.

Adebayo Alomaja

Again, the question is “WHAT HAPPENS IN YOUR CLASSROOMS ??”

Do you have an atmosphere that models a new Nigeria ??

where :

  • The Voice and Choice Of Learners is honored
  • Learning is designed “With the learners” and not “For the learners”
  • Learners engage in authentic learning by being exposed to real problems
  • Learners express their potentials with freedom and their interest is recognized
  • Learning is rewarded with transferrable portfolios beyond the school environment etc

Now you see the connection between K-12 and the new Nigeria that we all desire to see. Our Education today is our Economy tomorrow!!!!

At Eazy-Digi, we partner with schools to build the new generation of schools with the power of research, networking and technology. We redesign K-12 systems with globally adopted learning designs and standards. You can have a free consultancy session with us where we diagnose your learning system and discuss the way forward.

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Eazy-Digi…….Blended learning based on global standards!!!!!

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