Higher Order Thinking in k-12 and the Nigerian Economy: The Link

Think about this…..

If what happens in your school is that students resume every morning to the same place around 8am and take classes, write notes, do classwork, take homework, prepare for tests, write exams and finally get grades, then you are simply breeding lower Order thinkers staying on the first 3 levels of the blooms taxonomy ( Knowledge, Understand and apply ).

Sadly, many schools today are in this zone!!!

We celebrate grades too much and fail to question and check real life competencies and skills…

I Once met a teenager who owns a tech company and was recruiting on LinkedIn. He further told me how he secured grants in millions of dollars to build his company.
Now, that is a product of Higher Order Thinking.

Are you raising kids that are HOT ( Higher Order Thinkers) ?

🤔Are your primary school students busy evaluating and analyzing real life problems ?
🤔What are the solutions they are proposing and curious to create ?
🤔How about your secondary school students ?
🤔Which innovations are they discussing already?

💡It’s high time we raised the bar and be authentic in our systems. We have a role to play in the growth of our economy by laying a solid foundation for producing problem solvers and innovators.

During the pandemic, students from a school in Nigeria came up with robots to support medical personnels. We need more, it shouldn’t stop!!!!

In an innovation Driven economy, school needs to do better than producing kids with grades but rather capacity to add real value to the society and economy. This is how the change we desire we come to Nigeria and not through the government alone…

2023 is here… What will you do ??

Adebayo Alomaja
Head Of Research & Chief Learning Designer, Eazy-Digi.

Published by Eazy-Digi

Using research, technology and networking to transform education in Africa.

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