About Us



Your Trusted Partner in Building an ever evolving 21st Century Learning System

We are a research and training based organization on educational technology and 21st Century Learning Systems and as such, we offer both consultancy and training services which focus mainly on helping schools to set up(on enrich) an affordable blended learning environment(A.B.L.E) with synchronous and asynchronous learning. We help any school to easily shift from traditional to blended learning or for the blended schools , we enrich their blended learning environment based on global standards.

Furthermore, with the combined effort of our research team and training partners across the globe, we have built what we call Simplified Integration Models(SIMs) which is a combination of several free tools and techniques that cut across digital content creation, digital interaction, digital presentation and digital assessment/feedback. We work with schools as Virtual Learning Managers to manage blended learning activities and also provide a weekly support, evaluation and professional development system.

We are also members of professional bodies such as OLC(Online Learning Consortium), ISFET(International Society for Education Technology), NAMLE(National Association for Media Literacy Education) and ITA (International Teachers Association)

Our professional partners include :

Gradely (Nigeria)

Evolved Technologies (America)

Magnum Opus International (Dubai)

Shenkofo Global Ventures (Turkey)

International Teachers Association (Thailand)

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