Educators’ Survey for 2020/2021

Hello dear learning facilitator, We believe that the last session and term was filled with a lot of lessons to learn from, for us at Eazy-Digi, you and other educators out there and we are really interested in this. We would like you to deeply reflect on your practices and engagements in the last sessionContinue reading “Educators’ Survey for 2020/2021”


This is an interview series with creative and innovative k-12 learners across the global village. Today, we know that the “school for grade” system is not capable of producing learners who will thrive in the present and their own future and so there is a school shift towards authentic and innovative learning across the globalContinue reading “VOICE OF LEARNERS”

PBL Festival

Welcome to Eazy-Digi, a research and training based organization on educational technology and 21st Century learning systems. We host a MONTHLY VIRTUAL EDUCATORS’ CONFERENCE aimed at providing a networked learning opportunity for every educator in our network across the global village as we consider pressing issues in the education landscape with respect to innovative learning.Continue reading “PBL Festival”


As I carefully examine education, schooling and learning across the global village, I see a lock down that has existed before the pandemic for many decades and this is highly detrimental to self – discovery, potentials discovery&development plus innovation. This lock down is a mental one where young minds are not allowed to think beyondContinue reading “LOCKED DOWN”


At Eazy-Digi Edtech Solutions, our theme for 2021 is “REINVENTING SCHOOL”. We have discovered that we have a large number of schools in Nigeria and Africa at large ,who are not familiar with the 21st century learning design and so the best they have to offer is to raise learners who can read, cram andContinue reading “VIRTUAL EDUCATORS’ CONFERENCE (February Edition)”


Is it true that we shouldn’t expect much from kids today other than to go to school, get good grades and get awards ???? This is so far from the truth, they may be young but they have a lot of great potentials that will find expression and flourish in the right environment and this is theContinue reading “YOUNG INNOVATORS COMMUNITY”

The 21st Century School…..

Think about having your learners discussing in groups about recent problems they have discovered in their society and how to provide practical solutions.Do you think they can’t ? You will be shocked to see what they can do in that kind of atmosphere. This sounds like Inquiry-Based learning, but it’s beyond that.Check out the followingContinue reading “The 21st Century School…..”


Our vision is “A Simplified Approach To Digital Education”, in other words, we make it easy for you to experience the best of digital education based on global standards by introducing you to tools and techniques that are used globally . We will like to share with you an opportunity for you to upgrade yourContinue reading “VIRTUAL LEARNING MANAGER(VLM) FOR SCHOOLS”