This is an interview series with creative and innovative k-12 learners across the global village. Today, we know that the “school for grade” system is not capable of producing learners who will thrive in the present and their own future and so there is a school shift towards authentic and innovative learning across the globalContinue reading “VOICE OF LEARNERS”

PBL Festival

Welcome to Eazy-Digi, a research and training based organization on educational technology and 21st Century learning systems. We host a MONTHLY VIRTUAL EDUCATORS’ CONFERENCE aimed at providing a networked learning opportunity for every educator in our network across the global village as we consider pressing issues in the education landscape with respect to innovative learning.Continue reading “PBL Festival”


As I carefully examine education, schooling and learning across the global village, I see a lock down that has existed before the pandemic for many decades and this is highly detrimental to self – discovery, potentials discovery&development plus innovation. This lock down is a mental one where young minds are not allowed to think beyondContinue reading “LOCKED DOWN”


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For everything that happens in a physical classroom, there is actually a digital alternative and replacement with better results. The same way teachers use the chalkboard or Whiteboard to write, there are Digital boards that are available to carry out same function and more. We will be looking at just 3 boards which are : ZOOM BOARD, GOOGLE JAMBOARD AND MICROSOFT WHITEBOARD. These interactive digital boards have a lot of wonderful features embedded and they can also be combined for better output. For example you can combine the Zoom board with Jamboard or Microsoft Whiteboard. Among the 3 of them, Microsoft Whiteboard has the most colorful features. These boards help you to effectively share contents and also have a real time interaction with your students as they also write on the board too.

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