Eazy-Digi Tutors

As a research and training based organization, Eazy-Digi equips educators to creative effective learning environments virtually. An Eazy-Digi Tutor has been specially trained to handle online tutoring with a difference.

We believe in the FLIPPED+ADAPTIVE+DIFFERENTIATED(FAD) LEARNING FORMULA as a technique to help any learner achieve outstanding excellence and so all our tutors have been trained to teach with this concept.

We believe that digital education has come to stay and due to its flexibility, it will soon be embraced by all and also due to its complexity, we have trained tutors with globally recognized tools and techniques to handle this perfectly for our clients. We handle classes for all categories : elementary, middle and high school, also A-level or College classes based on demand.

We have a Network of partners globally who reach out to us for tutors’ recruitment and recommendation and this is an opportunity for you to boost your experience in the world of digital learning.

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