Free Summer Training Program For Educators

About Us

EAZY-DIGI EDTECH SOLUTIONS is a research and training based organization on education technology. We are happy to offer technological expertise for educators in the form of trainings at no cost. Our vision is to relay a simplified approach to digital education with creativity, affordability and simplicity(our core values). In totality, we offer consultancy, training and professional tutoring services. Our tried and trusted system is based on the cumulative experiences of our trainers. We pride ourselves on setting up our clients for success in handling digital education and we are sure that every participant will leave our sessions more prepared than they have ever been to teach online.

Technology will not replace teachers but teachers that can use technology will replace those that can not.


About this training

Technology Enhanced Learning(T.E.L), also known as digital education or e-learning is currently a trending global reality in the world of education at all levels. The way students learn has changed and so the way teachers teach too must change. There is a sudden shift in the world of education.

However, an educator with access to relevant tools for all learning processes is able to do more than available in a physical learning environment. The realities of a virtual learning environment are so much and these are what we intend to expose participants to in this free summer training program. In the world of education technology, there are learning methods that follow such as flipped, adaptive, differentiated learning which which are necessary to effectively produce excellent learners. Due to the pandemic and its effect in this part of the world, we need to look at an approach to digital education that will cover up for the wasted months at home and also revive the life long learning skills in our learners today.

This training has been structured to equip every educator with trending edtech tools, methods and strategies for a successful digital education. The date for commencement is 3rd August, 2020. The facilitating team consists of education consultants from Nigeria, India , United Arab Emirate and Turkey. There are twelve sessions consisting of panel sessions, presentations and practical classes. Check the flier below to see the training modules.

Click the link below to register for the training and do not forget to also click the whatsapp link in the response message to join our social media group for training updates.



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