Project FF – “Future Forward”

Project FF

“Future Forward”

Bridging the gap between the school and the world through connected, authentic, experiential and deeper learning

What is Project FF

This is an innovative solution to the lack of connected, experiential, authentic and deeper learning in the education sector today in Nigeria , Africa and the world at large.

For a very long time, the school has been separated from the world and all we see is the factory and knowledge banking system where there is emphasis on the lower order thinking skills as learners are only required to write notes, remember facts, write tests and nothing different. We celebrate good grades which is fine but not ultimate in an innovation-driven economy. The school is not an independent institution but rather exist in the midst of a world that is ever evolving and so there is a need for learning to follow suit.

One of the major question we hear from these kids is ” Why do we do all of these ” , they seem not to value the learning experience because it is not connected. Every lesson has a connection in terms of social, domestic or industrial application. The whole idea of Project FF is to further enhance this connection by providing a connected, experiential, authentic and deeper learning experience as we create a platform for professionals in various industries from anywhere in the world to connect with learners both synchronously or asynchronously as the case may be.

So this is a virtual mentorship platform for professionals across the globe to inspire this present generation of learners as they see the connection between what they do in class and what is happening in the world. From time to time, we will reach out to you to know your availability and how we can fix you up due to time zones. If you would like to volunteer as a professional in your field, please fill the form below.

Screen shot of a Virtual Seminar with Learners from Saint John’s Comprehensive School, Asaba.

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