Portfolio or Report cards ??

Portfolio or Report Cards ?? Opemipo is a Grade 10 student from a high School in Canada. We met on Linkedin and he asked to have an interview which I gladly granted. I love to meet teenagers globally to gather evidence on how young people are doing exploit. đź’ˇFirstly, please note that he has aContinue reading “Portfolio or Report cards ??”

2030 is not far

Let’s agree that we were not prepared for this decade because we didn’t see it coming. Right ?? Now, what if I tell you that there are bodies that are busy studying the trends in societies and Nations and often provide a clear projection on what to expect in the coming years and decades. ThinkContinue reading “2030 is not far”

K-12 And The New Nigeria

Every Nigerian is eagerly looking forward to a new and better nation, we are all not happy with the Status Quo!!!!!! However, where we are today is a product of something and that is the “K-12 System Of Education” and I will take some time to prove it. Last Year, I had an interview withContinue reading “K-12 And The New Nigeria”


Our business of “Today” must be all about preparing for the “Future”. The K-12 system we have today must be totally redesigned to do nothing but prepare the coming generation of young people for a future that will be dominated with diverse disruptions. “We can not use the simple to prepare for the complex. AsContinue reading “THE END IN MIND : “2030 AND BEYOND””


This is an interview series with creative and innovative k-12 learners across the global village. Today, we know that the “school for grade” system is not capable of producing learners who will thrive in the present and their own future and so there is a school shift towards authentic and innovative learning across the globalContinue reading “VOICE OF LEARNERS”