Higher Order Thinking in k-12 and the Nigerian Economy: The Link

Think about this….. If what happens in your school is that students resume every morning to the same place around 8am and take classes, write notes, do classwork, take homework, prepare for tests, write exams and finally get grades, then you are simply breeding lower Order thinkers staying on the first 3 levels of theContinue reading “Higher Order Thinking in k-12 and the Nigerian Economy: The Link”

K-12 And The New Nigeria

Every Nigerian is eagerly looking forward to a new and better nation, we are all not happy with the Status Quo!!!!!! However, where we are today is a product of something and that is the “K-12 System Of Education” and I will take some time to prove it. Last Year, I had an interview withContinue reading “K-12 And The New Nigeria”


Our business of “Today” must be all about preparing for the “Future”. The K-12 system we have today must be totally redesigned to do nothing but prepare the coming generation of young people for a future that will be dominated with diverse disruptions. “We can not use the simple to prepare for the complex. AsContinue reading “THE END IN MIND : “2030 AND BEYOND””


As I carefully examine education, schooling and learning across the global village, I see a lock down that has existed before the pandemic for many decades and this is highly detrimental to self – discovery, potentials discovery&development plus innovation. This lock down is a mental one where young minds are not allowed to think beyondContinue reading “LOCKED DOWN”