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At Eazy-Digi Edtech Solutions, our theme for 2021 is “REINVENTING SCHOOL”. We have discovered that we have a large number of schools in Nigeria and Africa at large ,who are not familiar with the 21st century learning design and so the best they have to offer is to raise learners who can read, cram and pass examinations and nothing more. There is so much emphasis on the lower order thinking skills and as such these learners are neither creative nor innovative

In todays innovation-driven economy, the 21st century learning design plays a critical role in equipping our learners for survival and relevance in the future. The school is not an independent institution but it rather exist in an ever evolving world, therefore, the school is expected to follow suit. Learning should be dynamic, authentic, connected, deep and innovative. We have a generation of learners who are wired with weird possibilities for the future and we need to create an an inspiring atmosphere for them to find their bearing early and begin to add value to their world as global citizens.

So we started the Virtual Educators’ Conference with the Maiden Edition In January where we had an amazing combination of facilitators, Marie from USA and Sally from South Africa. We believe in growth by inspiration and scenario based learning, and so we invite seasoned and professional educators/learning specialist to come share scenarios or case studies of how they have applied the 21st century learning design so that the participants can be inspired to create better learning experiences.

Meet the Facilitators

Rich Dixon |Director Of Online Learning |Buck Institute Of Learning (PBLworks)

Theresa Meyers |Educator and Learning Specialist | CEO, Magnum Opus International

Olaniyi Kofoworola | Edu-Consultant and Learning Specialist | CEO, Shenkofo GLOBAL

If you are an educator in Nigeria, Africa and other continents, we will like you to join us for the next edition coming up this February on the 27th by 9am(Nigerian time). Please register below .

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