As I carefully examine education, schooling and learning across the global village, I see a lock down that has existed before the pandemic for many decades and this is highly detrimental to self – discovery, potentials discovery&development plus innovation.

This lock down is a mental one where young minds are not allowed to think beyond what a curriculum demands.
All they need to do is to write and read notes, master the contents, then prepare for a test/exam to show how well they remember the contents.
So all I am thinking about is what my teacher has given me and how to give it back.
There is no room for cognitive flexibility and divergent thinking, my role is to listen and not collaborate and even when some ideas are popping up in my mind, it’s not so Important because I must focus on what my teacher has to say first.
It looks I am in the wrong environment.

How can this kind of system breed young innovators that will affect the economy ?

It’s all about the Grade Race, learning is measured by my grades, by what I can write down in an exam and not what I can do or produce with what I know.
I am very good at writing but not at listening and speaking because my learning assesment is all written.

My mind is Locked Down as I don’t have an opportunity to explore!!
I know i am not really learning because I don’t engage with real life problems, Activities and Audience.

At the end of a term, what can I show for all my learning experience ?

Our Education today is our Economy tomorrow…

When this lock down is over, we will begin to see a lot of Product, Service, Discovery and Innovation oriented learning.

We can do something about this Lock Down…

Published by Eazy-Digi

Using research, technology and networking to transform education in Africa.

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