Portfolio or Report cards ??

Portfolio or Report Cards ??

Opemipo is a Grade 10 student from a high School in Canada. We met on Linkedin and he asked to have an interview which I gladly granted. I love to meet teenagers globally to gather evidence on how young people are doing exploit.

💡Firstly, please note that he has a “Linkedin account”, which is the greatest professional networking platform globally.

Are you on Linkedin? 🤔

💡When we talk about education in the fourth industrial revolution, it has to be portfolio based as students after 12 years can show a track record of various exploits beyond passing exams.

“Exam Grades are not transient and neither do they have economic value” 😎

He told me he is into programming, ( not as a subject but a skill ) and he will like to know the areas where there are problems in the education sector that has not been solved yet in Nigeria.

Think about his question for one second…. The courage, smartness and intelligence… That’s the lifestyle of innovators.

The fourth industrial revolution is asking for something more than the subjects we currently have, one of the courses is Networking

We should think more in terms of courses and not subjects to help students build micro-credentials that will boost their portfolio for their future.

So I will tell you based on global standards that by year/grade 10, your students must have learnt networking.

After 12 years, what’s their portfolio ?? 🤔🤔

Check Opemipo’s portfolio below on Linkedin…


Adebayo Alomaja
Head Of Research & Chief Learning Designer

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