2030 is not far

Let’s agree that we were not prepared for this decade because we didn’t see it coming. Right ??

Now, what if I tell you that there are bodies that are busy studying the trends in societies and Nations and often provide a clear projection on what to expect in the coming years and decades. Think about that 🤔

Do you know that the Pandemic was predicted 🎙️

💡One of such bodies is the World Economic Forum. One of the reports they release annually is the global risk report where they itemize what we should expect based on trends and careful studies in terms of risks globally.

This seriously concerns your business as a school leader

💡Everything said about 2022 in that Report came to pass including the Japa Syndrome. Another has been released for 2023 and it’s already happening!!!

“We need to pay attention to Research”

🤔 Question is, how are you preparing your business for the next decade ?

💡Every child in Year 8 will be in the workforce by 2030 and every child in Year 3 will be in the workforce by 2035. Preparing them for common entrance/checkpoint, BECE, WAEC/IGCSE and JAMB is a faulty foundation, they need something “more” to survive in the next decade.

I know you are busy with school administration and many things and may not always have time to see what is happening in the global, digital and innovation driven economy but it is rather crucial. That’s also why we need R&D in Schools today.

You have 7 years to prepare for the next decade.

I am here to draw your attention to “2030”

See what the report from the Africa Union Commission says about our Continent.

2030 is not far and you can be guided by research and strategic intelligence to thrive.

See you there.

Adebayo Alomaja
Head Of Research & Chief Learning Designer

Published by Eazy-Digi

Using research, technology and networking to transform education in Africa.

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