Our business of “Today” must be all about preparing for the “Future”. The K-12 system we have today must be totally redesigned to do nothing but prepare the coming generation of young people for a future that will be dominated with diverse disruptions.

“We can not use the simple to prepare for the complex. As learners focus on paper and simple problems, they can’t build the agility and resilience required to thrive in a world that is complex and ambiguous”

— Adebayo Alomaja, Head Of Research & Chief Learning Designer (Eazy-Digi)

So, here is the question, how can you have such a system that truly prepare kids for 2030 and beyond ?

Your learners are a product of the “Contents” and “Learning experiences” that they are exposed to and you must be ready to disrupt these two things in your school irrespective of the conventional standards. Talking about contents, we have now entered an age where “Context must determine Content”.

When it comes to K-12, Context must determine Content

Adebayo Alomaja

What is the Context today ? Just like one of the issues mentioned in the global risk report released by the World Economic Forum this year which is “Digital dependencies and Cyber vulnerabilities”, our kids today must learn the cyber space and how to stay safe there. This is the age where Digital Presence, Digital safety and Cybersecurity is as important as Math, Science and others. School leaders must disrupt their curriculums and contents today considering the context. This is one way to practically prepare the coming generation for an age of disruptions early.

You are not preparing them for an exam but to thrive in a future that doesn’t looks like today.

Adebayo Alomaja

Furthermore, K-12 classrooms must become an atmosphere where innovation is the emphasis and not a place where learners feed on past information and realities. We should think 2030 and beyond and be highly intentional about what happens every moment in that classroom. We want to see kids building digital contents and transferrable assets beyond the school environment (like websites, blogs, podcasts, vlogs and slides) and using them to share what they are learning with a real audience and the world at large by leveraging on social media with a professional approach. You can see that the goal here is beyond preparing for an exam, It’s all about Authentic Learning : “Real Learning for a Real World”

At Eazy-Digi, we are working with schools to build blended learning systems based on global standards with the power of research, networking and technology. We are partnering with k-12 systems to build the next generation of breeding centers for problem solvers and innovators. If this excites you, lets have a conversation!!!

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